March 13, 2024

Sid Senroy

President and

Sid Senroy is the president of RegDev, with over 3 decades of experience leading global quality and compliance drug development business teams resulting in approvals of numerous key blockbuster drugs.  He founded RegDev to expand the reach of influence and to better share his knowledge to improve the industry. Under Sid’s leadership, RegDev has grown year over year, poised to push the boundaries of traditional thinking and create the best solutions and systems for unique situations Grounded in Sid’s core values of Integrity and Social Responsibility, RegDev instills what Sid feels is the cornerstone of any good drug development effort. Sid is very passionate about drug quality, safety, and efficacy for public healthThe culture Sid is fostering will usher RegDev into a new age of cutting-edge solutions using technology and innovation.  Sid also spends his personal time giving back to the community through philanthropic efforts and mentoring the next generation.