March 15, 2024

Terri Senroy

VP Business

Terri Senroy is our VP of Business Solutions, responsible for IT and Document Management at RegDev, Inc specializing in helping organizations evolve and refine processes along the way to growthThe team Terri manages is as diverse as she is in our industry.  Here at RegDev she balances the need for technology along with the function it fits.  The Doc Team is responsible for managing all our electronic assets.  We continually look for ways to evolve while preserving what makes RegDev special.  Terri has had leadership roles in IT Quality for over 25 years in different industries including Software Development, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Pharmaceutical.  Her career focused on the overall experience of the client.  Whether it is redefining a process or building a new solution, it is always about meeting the client where they are.  She has unique skills that blend quality assurance with technology; encouraging our organization to weave quality into everything we do.  Terri is an east coaster at heart growing up in Massachusetts.  She enjoys cooking, bringing harmony to work life balance and spending time exploring being a Reiki Master and Integrative Health Coach.